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Specialty Vacuum


Rubbermaid® Power Nozzle Vacuum w/Deluxe Rim Caddy

Combines 3 cleaning passes (Dusting + Vacuuming + Waste Collection & Sortation) into one thereby eliminating non-productive travel times in an office. An ergonomic arched handle makes maneuvering easy. Easily attach and remove poly-liners; Green cleaning. Capable of holding & transporting over 175 pounds of waste.

Manufacturers Item #9VDVPN44
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Sandia DP Hipster 6 Qt Hip Vacuum w/5-Piece Tool Kit

Collects the most soils, leaving exhaust air cleaner with a disposable, heavy-duty paper Micro-Bag mounted inside a washable-cloth shakeout bag. Airflow: 112 CFM; Motor: 1.5 HP, 1-stage. Power: 802 watts, 6.8 amps, 115v, 65 dB. Weight: 7 lb.; Height: 11"; Width: 8".

Manufacturers Item #30-1001-A
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